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Frankfurt is just around the corner and you can download our frontlist catalogue for autumn 2019 here!

We’re delighted to share that The New York Rights Fair has announced the winners of the Talking Pictures: Selected Books 2019. Fables and Other Stories, written by Leo Tolstoy and illustrated by Jockum Nordström.

Latest releases

Alfons Åberg figurskuren pekbok

Alfie Atkins Shaped Board Book

Gunilla Bergström

210×240 mm, 2020, 16 pp

Board books

Obi säger godnatt

OBI Says Good Night

Carl Johanson

150×160 mm, 2020, 16 pp

Board books

Kalle och Elsa sover över

Kalle and Elsa Have a Sleepover

Jenny Westin Verona, Jesús Verona

220×300 mm, 2020, 32 pp

Picture books

Kråkan säger AKTA!

Watch Out, Mamma Moo!

Jujja Wieslander, Sven Nordqvist

170×170 mm, 2020, 20 pp

Board books

Pippi Långstrump figurskuren pekbok

Pippi Longstocking Shaped Board Book

Astrid Lindgren, Ingrid Vang Nyman

210×240 mm, 2020, 16 pp

Board books

Pippis firar födelsedag

Pippi Longstocking’s Birthday Party

Astrid Lindgren, Ingrid Vang Nyman

215×280 mm, 2020, 32 pp

Picture books

Pippi på rymmen

Pippi On the Run

Astrid Lindgren, Fabian Göranson

215×280 mm, 2020, 124 pp

Picture books

Räven och tomten, pop-up

The Tomten and The Fox, pop-up

Astrid Lindgren, Eva Eriksson

210×255 mm, 2019, 32 pp

Picture books

Emils vinterhyss

Emil’s Winter Fun!

Astrid Lindgren, Björn Berg

160×228 mm, 2019, 128 pp

Picture books

Äntligen jul!

Christmas At Last!

Camilla Lundsten

160×160 mm, 2019, 14 pp

Board books

Inte som du

Not Like You

Johanna Schreiber, Ida Ömalm Ronvall

132×195 mm, 2019, 360 pp

Text books (15+ years)

Mamma Mu Labyrintpyssel

Mamma Moo’s Maze Puzzle

Jujja Wieslander, Sven Nordqvist

210×297 mm, 2019, 24 pp