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222 pp

100 % äkta fejk

100 % Real Fake

When Mariam’s family moves from Malmo to Stockholm, she makes up her mind; she will not put up with any more bullying or racist comments about her Arabic ancestry. The last semester of 9th grade must be better. And the very first day an opportunity presents itself. “Mariamme Lellouche, is that a French name?” the teacher asks. I wish, Mariam thinks, but out of her mouth comes a yes. 

Mariam becomes Mariamme, a world savvy and sophisti­cated young woman from France who spends all her free time strolling around in Paris. Strangely, nobody questions her lies, and the most popular girl in the class, who is obsessed with Paris, desperately wants Mariam to join her little group. The question is, how far can you get with a lie?

100 % Real Fake is a journey from the bottom of the middle-grade hierarchy to the top. It is a funny story about popularity, friendship and belonging. But also a darker story about power games, shame and self annihilation.