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32 pp

En bok om att berätta

A Book about Telling Stories

It’s fun to tell a story! But how do you begin? After all, stories can be really different. They can be written as a text or drawn in pictures, they can be full of imagination or be about things that happen in daily life, created with speech balloons or in comic strip panels.

In A Book about Telling Stories Pernilla Stalfelt has gathered her best storytelling tricks. Here you will get ideas for how to create a main character, how to draw certain facial expressions, how to make speech balloons and how to show in your drawings that somebody is happy, really angry or dizzy.

How are you supposed to design comic strip panels? How do you draw weather and how do you show emotions? Pernilla knows how to teach. After many years as a teacher at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art she knows the tricks, the pitfalls and exactly how to help children tell their own stories and kindle the desire to write, draw, create.

Her previous titles has been translated into 17 languages.