Far ända in i baljan

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48 pp


280×250 mm


Picture books

Far ända in i baljan

A Seal of One’s Own

Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by

Maria Nilsson Thore

There is a wonderful new picture book about life on Seacrow Island! The Melkerson family are out on the island enjoying the spring. One day, Uncle Vesterman comes home with a seal pup and Tjorven is asked to look after him. She has a seal of her very own! She calls him Moses and he follows her everywhere, just like a dog. He is even allowed to sleep in her bed. She’s so busy that she hardly has time for her dog Båtsman. And Stina is a lucky girl too – she has a lamb to bottle feed. So, both Tjorven and Stina end up sitting together feeding their little ones. And meanwhile Båtsman waits patiently for Tjorven. 

Astrid Lindgren’s rich and charming tale has been brought to life with Maria Nilsson Thore’s colourful illustrations that beautifully depict the idyllic island life in the Stockholm Archipelago.