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Gittan gömmer bort sig

Bridget Loses Herself

Bridget and Hjördis live in the same building. Hjördis has a nanny named Puma who takes care of her and some other children. Puma sometimes draws figures on Hjördis’s arm. And once she drew an ant on Bridget’s arm. Bridget wanted her to. Bridget and Hjördis are not allowed in the little kids’ room when they sleep, but Hjördis wants something to do, so she goes in there anyway. When Bridget and Hjördis have finished playing with the little kids and are lifting them back into to their beds, Bridget drops hers. It gets a bump on its forehead and screams really loudly.

Puma comes running. – What did you do! she yells. It feels like ice inside of Bridget and she runs away as fast as she can. Now Bridget just wants to disappear herself.

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