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144 pp

Har du ingen humor?

Can’t You Take A Joke?

Can’t You Take A Joke? is a book you can take with you pretty much anywhere – carry it around in your pocket or your bag to read on the bus, train or metro. You could even read it out loud to your class or at a family dinner! It explains links between feminism and human rights in a simple and easy way. This book raises lots of interesting issues and includes many eye-opening facts.

The book is divided into four sections: Words that grate, Things people say, My feminist battle and Rape in films. The author picks apart terms such as “balls of steel”, “boys will be boys” and
“stolen girlfriend”, as well as expressions such as ”big boys don’t cry” and “can’t you take a joke?”. Wennstam addresses the feminist battles that she regards as worth fighting: My Body, my choice; Girls and guilt; Lust; and Domestic violence.