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105 pp

Kattspionerna på Rosengård 2: Katt med rätt att lösa

Cat with the Right to Scratch – The Cat Spies at Rosengard 2

Ever since the little cat Samira Karlsson met Furry, Kattis, Karry and the other animals at Rose Hill, her life has changed entirely. There is a world of spying in the bushes and basement crannies, secret messages and disguises that are hidden from humans. Samira Karlsson has been recruited as a cat spy, a cat with the right to scratch!

Something is happening in Rose Hill. Cats from the inner city suddenly appear in the neighborhood. More and more of them arrive every day; they seek shelter behind bushes, next to garbage collection station and under slides. They have one thing in common; they look tired and scared, as if fleeing something terrible.

The cat spies must figure out why the inner city cats are fleeing to the suburb and Samira Karlsson gets the job of examining the tracks that lead to the neighborhood Mollan.

Here she faces great danger and difficult choices.

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Text books (6–9 years)