Klättra uppåt

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293 pp

Klättra uppåt

Climbing Up

Victoria has always been the centre of attention; the one who decides who’s cool and who’s not. But in high school the game suddenly changes, and she can’t get a grip of the new rules. Everything that was cool in her last class is suddenly considered wrong. Victoria is spellbound by Alvin, the star of the drama course, with the bluest eyes she has ever seen. But Alvin doesn’t seem to notice her. Then her old boyfriend Jack shows up. Good looking, social genius Jack, who can’t be trusted at all times though. Could she climb up the social ladder by getting back with him, just for a little while?

This story goes about a Me Too theme in a way that teenagers can relate to, and Katarina von Bredow writes about young relationships like nobody else. Climbing Up is the last, stand-alone part of a trilogy also including Letting Go and Loosing the Grip.