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Cool Girl

Cina Friedner

Here is a list of some of the mean things Henrietta Nilsson has done:
1. She pulled down Lilly’s shorts during PE so the whole class saw her pants.
2. She shouted out that Agge had peed himself at after-school club, and the next day everyone kept asking him whether he needed to go to the toilet.
3. She invited all the girls in the class to her party except me, Lilly and Iris. Even Nadia was invited, even though I know for sure that Henrietta Nilsson thinks she’s a total geek, because she’s said so, many times.
Everyone in the class answers to Henrietta Nilsson. All the girls want to hang out with her and almost all the boys want to go out with her. And that even though she’s the meanest person in the world and  invites everyone except three people to her party and forces Nadia to fetch her milk at lunch. Something has to be done! And it’s Amanda and her best friend Lilly who need to do it. But how? Her YouTube channel, Cool Girl, may well be the best way to get through to her…

A fun and fast-paced story about friendship and hierarchy in middle school that will resonate with anyone who has had (or been) a mean kid in their class.

“With great recognition regarding relationships, hierarchies and friendship.”

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