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Dragons, or legends about dragons, have coexisted with humans since the beginning of time. Dragons and snakes have played a significant role in almost all cultures and religions. What is so fascinating with these fire-breathing reptiles? And where do they come from?

Johan Egerkrans has previously created interesting creatures like Nordic gods and the undead – now he takes on dragons. In this incredibly beautiful work, dragons come alive in a whole new way. We get to meet the clever Snake in paradise, and Nidhogg, who chews on Yggdrasil, the tree of life. We see the Japanese dragon women … and we learn more about legendary dragon killers like Cadmos, Saint George and Beowulf, and their scaled arch enemies. 

Johan Egerkrans’ previous masterpieces have been enormously successful, even beyond Sweden. Egerkrans is one of our foremost illustrators and his dragons will not disappoint. Dragons is a timeless book for all ages.