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Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Norway, Poland

Ellens äppleträd

Ellen’s Apple Tree

• A realistic and dramatic story with lots of levels.

In the middle of Ellen’s garden there is an old apple tree. It is better than the big stone, and better than the sand box. That’s what both Ellen and Ollie think – and they like to sit up there on the branches and look out across the garden.

In the summer, the tree is like a green cave. In the autumn, the little buds become red apples. One day, winter has arrived, and there is stormy weather. During the night they listen to the storm raging outside and the next morning the apple tree has blown down and is lying in the snow with all its branches and twigs in a messy pile…

Catarina Kruusval continues the Scandinavian tradition of Elsa Beskow, Ilon Wikland and Lena Anderson.