En egen häst

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141 pp

En egen häst

En egen häst

Juli has just started sixth grade. She’s been riding for five years, and even though she’s pretty good, she’s also getting bored. It’s impossible to develop and compete if you don’t have your own horse. And there’s nothing Juli wants more in the world than her own horse.

Then something totally unexpected happens – her parents are getting divorced. Everything goes so quickly, and things get worse and worse every day. All she hears is shouting, screaming and arguing. No one has time for Juli, no one is comforting her or talking to her about what’s going on. Her entire existence is shattered and she has no idea what to do. Her mum has gone to Ireland and her dad is always at work. It’s all a huge, horrendous mess. 

Then one day Juli starts thinking that this whole thing might actually not be all bad. It even seems she might end up getting a horse … a horse of her very own.