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F som i sämst

A for Awful

A for Awful is a wild and wonderful story about a well-adjusted and ambitious family with anything other than a welladjusted child.

Jonna is awful. Awful at just about everything. Awful at school, awful at home and awful at being a friend (if she had any that is – then she’d definitely be the worst friend in the world). Not that she really cares. She actually couldn’t care less. All she wants to do is lie in bed and pick her nose and think about how stupid everyone else is.

Miriam is Jonna’s big sister – and her total opposite. Miriam is brilliant at everything. She has brilliant friends, a brilliant boyfriend and she’s a brilliant singer. And obviously she gets chosen as the school’s bearer of light on Saint Lucia Day. Jonna might well be the only person in the whole world who doesn’t like Miriam. One night, she sneaks into her sister’s room with a pair of scissors. It’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks about a Lucia with an absolutely awful haircut!