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136 pp

Fabler och andra berättelser

Fables and other stories

Two giants from different centuries meet in this fabulous illustrated book. In a unique arrangement with the Tolstoy Estate, the Swedish artist Jockum Nordström has created brilliant new illustrations for Lev Tolstoy’s fables. Sly foxes, shrewd lions and greedy brothers, tales to laugh at, think about and talk about.

Lev Tolstoy is considered one of the greatest authors of all time, known above all for his epic works, War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Perhaps not many readers know that he also wrote for children, and that many
of his stories were inspired by the classical literature that he wanted to make available to young readers. Most of the stories in this book are his interpretations of Aesop’s fables and the Hindu sagas.

Jockum Nordström is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed artists. He has had several exhibitions across the world and has also created picture books for children, including Sailor and Pekka and Where Are You Going?