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Fire From the Sky

Ánte’s life has been steeped in Sami tradition. It is indisputable to him that he, an only child, will keep working with the reindeer. But there is something else too, tugging at him. His feelings for his best friend Erik have changed, grown into something bigger. What would people say if they knew? And how does Erik feel?

Press voices;
“An unusually strong debut.” Expressen

“A magnificent novel debut […]a story that has us transfixed from the beginning to the very end.” Norrländska Socialdemokraten

“Brilliantly intense romance novel about Ánte, a teenager who can’t stop looking at his childhood friend Erik.” Dagens Nyheter

“The pages turn themselves.” Sydsvenskan

“Can this really be a debut novel […]? Of course it is. It’s just so very rare to have, in somebody’s first work, language and characterization that grip you as forcefully as this does; both parts are powerful and nerve-wracking, and has great flow.” Göteborgs-Posten

Fire From the Sky was shortlisted with the following words from the August Jury: “In Moa Backe Åstot’s YA novel Fire From the Sky, sixteen-year-old Sami Ánte is confronted with both historical and more recent oppression. Does he have to sacrifice a part of himself; leave reindeer herding and become a “sidewalk sami”? The epicenter of the story is a touching, sensually projected inner friction about how love between boys is possible. The ups and downs of falling in love merge with a vivid depiction of nature, where the cold and the snow meet pulsating, lingering hot love. Traces of old racial biology and oppression are swept away by a warm community within and between generations.”

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on November 22.