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Tjoho, nu är det jul!

Heigh-Ho, Now it’s Christmas!

A wonderful big book for Advent that can be read throughout December. The main characters are Ruffe the Pig and Kss-Kss the Cat. Ruffe has heard rumours that Christmas is approaching. If you are a pig you have to escape into the forest, or at least, that’s what he’s heard and so that is what he does. What a piece of luck that he encounters Kss-Kss the Cat, who knows a thing or two about survival. Together, they move into an abandoned cottage where Andersson and Pettersson the mice already live. The animals decide to put the cottage in order to create a lavish Christmas. But on St Lucia’s Day –13 December – Vilda, a female wild boar turns up and Ruffe falls head over heels in love. Vilda brings with her a troop of wild boars of different sizes.

Ulf Nilsson is in extravagant story-telling mood, and the comedy is interlaced with reflections on death and what it is to be thoughtful, and what you can create and achieve together. Emma AdBåge has never been better in depicting vividly accurate characters and their surroundings. A memorable, warm, amusing and exciting Christmas tale.