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Number 1 Sunny Street is the best place in the world. You can hear that in the name. Here lives Hjördis with her sister, her parents, their cats Mick and Prick, and sometimes her paternal grandmother. Twelve chapters deal with friendship, play and everyday life: just as fun, exciting and sometimes as frightening as it should be. It’s about best friends, secret societies and the love for a cat as well as games and mysterious old ladies. A perfect book to read aloud by Jujja Wieslander, the author of the Mamma Moo series. With pictures by Lotta Geffenblad.

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Hjördis hos Farmor

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Jujja Wieslander, Lotta Geffenblad

150×200 mm, 2018, 112 pp

Text books (6–9 years)