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112 pp

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Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, East Germany, British Indian Ocean Territory, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, United States

Hjördis hos Farmor

Hjördis at Grannie’s

“The sun is shining on my face. There’s hardly a sound. All I hear is the lapping of water against the sides of the canoe. I lay the paddle across my knees and the canoe continues gliding through the water. I close my eyes against the sun.”

All winter, Hjördis has been longing for summer, and finally it’s here! She has gone to Grannie’s house in the country for the holidays. There will be a few wonderful weeks of sun, swimming, building huts in the woods, adventures and lots of play. Perhaps even Isabella, Hjördis’s best summer friend, will come. When Hjördis thinks of Isabella, she becomes as happy as can be.

Few people depict children with such spot-on accuracy as Jujja Wieslander, the author of the books about Mamma Moo, Little Brother and Bear, and The Day Ghost, among others. Perfect to read aloud for 5–9 year olds. Illustrated throughout by Lotta Geffenblad. Everyday adventures at their best.

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Jujja Wieslander, Lotta Geffenblad

2017, 100 pp

Text books (6–9 years)