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215 pp

Vill inte, vill

I Don’t, I Do

“I’m Nora. Nora, c’est moi. I’m a good girl. Well, I’m nice and I’m quite clever. I have good grades, I behave myself and I care about other people. That’s what I mean about being a good girl. Good doesn’t mean boring. And it doesn’t mean I’m a wimp either. I’m a good girl who once stabbed a guy in the balls with a key, because he was feeling me up. So, why do I say good girl? Uh, forget it. I’m just Nora. Nadin, Liv, Amina and Christian are people who feature in my life. Or did. Or will. In any case, they’re people who appear in this story about my life.”

Award-winning author Per Nilsson is back with a fiery young adult novel based on actual events.