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32 pp

Idde och den bortsprungna katten

Idde and the Runaway Cat

Idde knows all the cats in the neighborhood. She knows their names and how they like to be petted. But one day she sees a cat she doesn’t recognize. A red cat, with a pink nose and white whiskers. A new cat on the block. The cat doesn’t seem to know its way home, it just stands there by the bush, looking scared and very lonely. It must be a stray!

Mom and Idde post on the neighborhood’s Facebook page. They put flyers up where old people who may not have a computer tend to hang out; by the benches, outside the bingo hall, at the clinic, the cafe, the library and the booth that sells lottery tickets. But nobody calls about their beloved, missing cat. Sunday, a storm blows up but the cat is still there. Idde, guardian of all cats, can no longer leave the cat out there in the elements. She brings the cold, wet cat inside and starts drying it with a towel. Mom can say whatever she wants!

A story about a lost cat that gets resolved when Idde takes matters into her own hands. A heartwarming story about the cat-lover Idde. Stand-alone sequel of Idde and the Shark
from 2019.