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Ska det kännas så här? och andra svåra frågor

Is It supposed to Feel Like This? (And Other Difficult Questions)

What is the meaning of life? Why am I not allowed to decide anything for myself? What will happen in the future?

Some questions are easy to answer, like math problems or what your favorite color is. But some questions are really tricky. There might not be an answer. Questions like why friends let you down or what happens when you die. And those are exactly the kinds of questions that this book is about. It is sometimes difficult to talk about feelings; we may think that nobody understands. But often, the exact opposite is true; you’re not alone at all and many people think about the same things you do. 

Is It Supposed to Feel Like This? is the sequel to the popular Book of Feelings, which has been read by many children and parents. Putting words to feelings can help rid the body of that lingering sense of anxiety.