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Är det nu allt börjar?

Is This Where It All Begins?

Tilda lives in a small town far away from everything. She’s in eighth grade and she’s had the same classmates since primary school. The social hierarchy is harsh. It’s the boys who determine your position within that structure. The worst offence a girl can commit is being ugly. Tilda is quite low down in that hierarchy and she just can’t wait to leave. She hangs out with Stella and Alice. One is shy and the other is terribly resentful. They talk about boys, hide alcohol in shampoo bottles and go to parties that people never ever think they’ll go to. Tilda’s only saviour is Emmy. They’ve never met, but they’ve been chatting and texting every day for the past six months. Tilda can talk to Emmy about everything – love, the monotony of daily life and other tricky subjects. Together they dream of London. When Emmy suggests that they should go to do a language course together in England, it awakens a dream of starting again and becoming someone else. But is it possible to free yourself from the role that has been forced upon you?

Is This Where It All Begins? is a powerful story about what it’s like to be an outsider, when you’re never quite good enough and never anyone’s first choice. This is a merciless feminist portrayal of life in middle school.