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32 pp

Snart blir det roligt!

It’s About to Get Fun!

The party is about to begin and excitement has built to the max! Tape, cut, fold, roll. Get dressed and look in the mirror. But what happens if things get too exciting before the party has even begun? What if you run out of fun before things have even gotten started? 

It’s About to Get Fun! is an irresistible book by Emma AdBåge. Insightful and with a lot of humor, it deals with the preparations, expectations and excitement of party planning. Not to mention the total disappointment when things don’t turn out exactly as you imagined. 

Nu är det sent (It’s Late Now) was nominated to the August Award 2015.

“It’s late now! The child and the adult agree. But while the adult feels it’s time to go to sleep, for the child, it’s time to play. In the protection of darkness, and with the clock ticking away, the apartment is explored and a new world opens up. Emma AdBåge’s picture book for young children is brilliant in its simplicity. With a bold new style she gives us an unconventional story about going – or rather, not going – to bed. And sleep clearly isn’t going to happen. Instead, we get a celebration of curiosity and creativity. For young night owls.” – The August Jury