Juan och Rosalia

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32 pp

Juan och Rosalia. En kärlekshistoria

Juan and Rosalia – A Love Story

This is the story of Rosalia who loves to dance, and Juan who loves Rosalia. Every day, Rosalia dances to the tune of the orchestra under the big tree in the square. Juan is longing to get to know her, but he keeps wondering how to catch her attention. One day, when Juan comes to the square, Rosalia is nowhere to be found. Has something happened to her? Juan is exasperated and decides to go looking for Rosalia. Now, where was it she lives again?

Juan and Rosalia – A Love Story is a delightful tale about a first big love.

Barbro Lindgren is the undisputed queen of Swedish picture books and she was awarded the ALMA prize in 2014. Eva Eriksson is one of Sweden’s most beloved illustrators. They have once again combined their talents to create a truly magical picture book!