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32 pp

Kom hit då!

Just Get Here, Already!

“Here we are and here are all the clocks we’ve been staring at, waiting for you.
Are you coming tomorrow?
You say no.
You’re busy finishing things up.
Hands, legs, nose, eyebrows.”

Three older siblings wait and wait. The belly gets bigger and bigger, but when will their new sibling arrive? They are finished with everything they had to do. They have been outside and come back inside again, watched all the TV shows, swept the floor, had a snack. They are ready. And then, suddenly, one day, after they have waited and waited, the baby is ready too!

A story full of love and intimacy about the all-consuming longing for a child who’s about to arrive. Exciting collaboration between popular picture-book artists Klara Persson and Marika Maijala.