Kalle och Elsa sover över

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Kalle och Elsa sover över

Kalle and Elsa Have a Sleepover

Kalle will be staying the night at Elsa’s house tonight. They put on their pyjamas so that their sleepover can begin straight away. They plan to stay awake all night, eating crisps and looking at the stars. And maybe they’ll build something really big, like a space rocket? All you need is some stardust and metal, and before long, Elsa and Kalle are off to the moon! But there are scary things in space too, like black holes. “That might be dangerous,” Kalle warns. But Elsa doesn’t listen and heads straight into the black hole. What should Kalle do now? He needs to go after her of course!

Jenny Westin Verona and Jesús Verona take us on a fast-paced and colourful journey through space in this third book about Elsa and Kalle. These best friends use their imagination to transform a simple sleepover into an exciting space adventure!