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Leni är ett sockerhjärta

Leni is a Honeybun

Leni is sometimes a grown-up and sometimes a child. To think that it should be so difficult for Dad to understand! Leni can do everything all by herself. Almost…

The ladies in the coffee shop call her Honeybun. Yuck, what a silly name, Leni thinks. Because Leni is a big girl. She doesn’t have to sit in a stroller; she can button her own coat; she eats onion and strong cheeses. Just like grown-ups. It may not show on the outside, but she can feel it.

It’s so nice to be grown-up, to be able to do what you want. Until Dad asks her to help clean. Then it’s as if the grown-up in her disappears. Leni can’t clean now, she was just about to start playing. She is an assertive girl, full of ideas, who feels misunderstood most of the time. It’s not easy to be big and little at the same time!

With Leni Is a Honeybun, Emma AdBåge proves once again that she is a master at capturing and portraying the feelings and expressions of the young child. This book brilliantly depicts the age of do-it-yourself defiance.

Emma AdBåge has written and illustrated a number of books. Her highly praised picture book last year, Vi hittar Smulbert / We Find Crumbert, was exceptionally well received.

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