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Lenis olle

Leni’s Olle

It is going to be a really fun day. Leni is going to play with Olle. Only the two of them all day, they are going to laugh and have so much fun. As she always does when she plays with Olle. 

But when Leni finally arrives at Olle’s house, a pair of unknown shoes sits in Olle’s hallway, shoes that Leni does not recognize. The shoes are nice, with glitter on them.

Suddenly everything feels difficult, all the fun is gone. The shoes belong to Olle’s neighbor Kiran. Leni does not want to play with Kiran, she ONLY wants to play with Olle.

“Leni decides that she will not be happy all day, she is not going to laugh at anything! Not even when Olle makes faces does Leni laugh. Even though she usually does. Actually, she laughs once. When Kiran chokes on her lemonade. She coughs and looks really funny. Then Leni laughs a little, secretly.”

It is lucky that Leni brought The Slime. Because it is The Slime that helps her out of this stupid situation. And maybe Kiran is not so dumb after all. She does like Slime. Leni’s Olle is about jealousy, about how difficult it is for three kids to play together. It is the third book about Leni. A determined, stubborn and pretty spunky girl. But also completely irresistible, wonderfully surly and oppositional, and very, very charming.

“Yet another step in Emma AdBåge’s journey in becoming a contemporary Gunilla Bergström. As graphically elegant, and just as messy and crumbly as everyday life can be. There is crunching and hissing, there is resistance and mishaps, but it all ends with a smile.”

Kvällsposten, Hanna Höglund

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