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Ingelin Angerborn

It begins with a letter. The letter that Vendela writes one evening when she feels like she is the loneliest person in the world. 

Everything is so unfair. Gabriel doesn’t care about her, Mom doesn’t exist anymore and on top of it all, her best friend Minna has moved to London. Vendela doesn’t really know why, but she takes the letter down to the stream and shoves it between two rocks by the water’s edge. Maybe somebody will find it there. Somebody who also feels alone and needs a friend.

And it doesn’t take long before Vendela gets an answer. But who replied? Is it Minna, joking with her? Or is it that strange Cornelia who moved into the apartment below? Or is it somebody entirely different, somebody who does not belong in Vendela’s world at all? Somebody from another time…

Ingelin Angerborn is unrivalled when it comes to magic realism for the middle grades. She blends the most domestic and ordinary with time travel and ghosts in a way that makes anything feel possible. The supernatural becomes, well… natural.

Media voices about earlier titles:

“This book is a real page-turner. But you should not read it alone. No, read it safely under the covers with the light on and Mom and Dad in close proximity.”

Blekinge Läns Tidning about Room 213

Room 213 is an exciting tale about love, friends, ghosts and mysteries. A perfect book for dark, rainy evenings!”