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119 pp

Mera sandvargen

More of Sandwolf

“Realtity is a very large and remarkable place. In fact simply everything happens there.”

Yes. That’s the sort of wise thing that Zackarina gets to hear from the Sand Wolf. And however sad or angry Zackarinas might be, she is always pleased to meet him down on the beach. He helps her in different ways, to train her “thinking box” and to realize that it is here and now that matter most.

”These stories develop in a glowing language, seething with life, a language with a rich- ness of colour – as much directness as poetry – and they are told with an almost touching simplicity. Mera Sandvargen (More of the Sand Wolf) is Åsa Lind’s second book about the two friends. I just hope there is going to be an Even more of the Sand Wolf to follow.”

Katia Wagner in Sydsvenska Dagbladet

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Åsa Lind

2002, 119 pp

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Åsa Lind

2004, 119 pp

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