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128 pp

Myran och gåtorna

Myran and the Riddles

Having a Mum who’s in love is good, because she says yes to almost everything. Usually, Myran thinks that Mum can be quite picky. ‘Seriously…,’ she sighs, even though it’s about something tiny and unimportant. Now she seems to have forgotten what it was like to be irritated and hardly notices that Myran’s sports bag is lost or that he’s missed his reading homework. ‘Oh, that’ll sort itself out,’ she says. Mum and Dad don’t live together anymore and Myran lives with each one every alternate week. At his Dad’s there is Ludde, Myran’s cat, but Mum is allergic, so at her place there is only Jesper, Mum’s new boyfriend. Myran thinks he’s kind, but doesn’t say so because it might make his Dad sad. But Myran doesn’t really have the time to worry very much about the problems of grown-ups – he has to make time to chase Eva in the schoolyard, take bottles to the recycling bank with Diego, and learn new riddles of course!

The first book about Myran – The Life of Myran – was loved by readers and critics alike and this next installment will not disappoint. Comical and perceptive, the book deals with incidental and more important issues and Emma AdBåge’s illustrations capture Myran and his friends perfect!