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Aldrig backa

Never Back Down

War in the classroom when the girls refuse to back down.

Ivan and Lydia are not a couple. But that’s not really something they’ve talked about. There is just something between them, something special. So maybe it’s not surprising, after the fight at the soccer field, when the other boys tell Ivan he has to be the one to send the message to Lydia. It won’t be as much fun if somebody else does it, there won’t be as much chaos. Lydia will be sad, of course, but she should be able to take a joke.

What happens between Ivan and Lydia is the beginning of something bigger. The girls in the class have had enough. Why do the boys always get to do whatever they want, just because there’s many more of them and because they are the loudest? There needs to be an end to that. Nobody gets to call the smaller stickball bat “the girl bat” anymore, and the boys don’t get to cut in line in the cafeteria. Once and for all, they need to
be put in their place!