Nina i ettan

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136 pp


155×210 mm


Text books (6–9 years)

Nina i ettan

Nina in Year One

Emi Gunér

Illustrated by

Loka Kanarp

”I quit. I’m done being a little sister!”

”It’s hardly a job you can resign from,” says Julia.

”I don’t care, I’m still quitting!” Nina says in a determined voice. Then she sees her mother desperately trying not to laugh. Laughing? Now? This is certainly no laughing matter.”

No one ever asked Nina whether she actually wanted to be a little sister – and she’s furious. Little sisters are too little for everything, like going to the cinema and being home alone. The only thing they’re allowed to do is to go to bed early and wear hand-me-down clothes. And then her mum tells her something amazing – there’s a baby in her tummy! In addition to becoming a big sister, there is plenty more going on in Nina’s life. She starts year one, gets the world’s most amazing Spain dress and finds out what it means to grow apart from old friends.

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