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Räkna med Naturen

Outdoor Math

Fun math problems with games and competitions to do outdoors. 

When all senses get to be involved, children learn more and better remember what they have learned. Here are twenty-two exciting exercises and games to do out in nature during the four seasons. All exercises can be done with things you find outside, in the forest or in a park nearby: sticks, pine cones, rocks, leaves and snow. Compete, learn and above all count together while you move. 

The book contains everything from games and contests to testing your sense of time and it provides opportunities to solve clever little problems. 

As an extra bonus there is a fun explanation for the four common mathematical operations and a spread which cleverly helps children understand math. A new doctor’s thesis shows that learning outdoors makes it easier for children to remember what they have learned. (Emilia Fägerstam, Linköpings universitet.) American studies also show that children who learn both indoor and outdoor show better results in both math and languages.