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124 pp


215×280 mm


Picture books

Pippi på rymmen

Pippi On the Run

Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by

Fabian Göranson

Tommy and Annika are longing for adventure! So one sunny summer’s day, when they’ve had enough of weeding the strawberry field, they decide to run away! They reassure their mother by telling her that Pippi’s coming as well. The adventure starts off quite calmly, but they soon face more than they bargained for as a thunderstorm sweeps over the forest. 

Pippi on the Run is an exciting and unforgettable adventure featuring Pippi Longstocking and her friends. 

Previously published with photos from the 1970 Pippi Longstocking movie, the story about Pippi on the run is illustrated for the first time, by Fabian Göranson.