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48 pp

Avslappningssagor – Sagor som hjälper ditt barn att koppla av

Relaxation Stories – Stories to Help Your Child Relax

Help your child create a peaceful moment with these relaxation stories! Many children live stressful lives with long days, nume­rous activities and information overload. In order to have energy and feel good, rest and recovery are essential. Here is a book to help create a peaceful setting, using stories of mindfulness. You will get advice on how to help active children settle down, and you will be given several relaxation exercises to do with the entire family. The book is perfect for using both at home and at preschool rest time. 

Helena Kubicek Boye is a psychologist, mindfulness instructor and sleep expert. She has written many books, among them her popular books of sleep stories for children, as well as several sleep books for adults. She is in great demand as a speaker and often appears in media as a sleep expert. The beautiful illustrations by Laura Di Francesco radiate harmony and peace and help both young and old relax.