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32 pp

Ruby & Lion

Ruby and Lion

When do you grow up? When do you get too old for your stuffed animal?

Ruby is about to start school in the fall and thinks that she’s getting too old for her stuffed animal, Lion. She decides to get rid of him. It feels right at the time but later that evening, she can’t sleep. Ruby is worried. She thinks about Lion, outside in the trashcan, alone and abandoned. Is she brave enough to go out in the dark winter night to save her lion friend? If you’re grown up, doesn’t that mean you’re also brave?

Maria Fröhlich is an author, a cartoon artist and an illustrator. Ruby and Lion is her first solo picture book. She debuted as a graphic artist in the United States in 2013 with the graphic novel The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury, based on Neil Gaiman’s short story. Rabén & Sjögren has published her collaborations Just nu har vi varandra, Nu leker vi! and
Jag är inte sjuk!, all written by Sara Bergmark Elfgren.