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182 pp

Vi ses i obsan

See you at the park

When Annika’s little brother is born premature, the whole summer turns upside down. Instead of going to their cabin in southern Sweden the family stays in the city and Annika roams the streets looking for something to do. At the park she gets to know Kaja, who is tough and lives in a huge apartment in the exclusive part of the city, Ingrid, or Cookie, whose mother is touring with a band, Tobbe, who has run away from the sports activities his parents force on him, The Finn and also Leaf, who is really much too young to hang with the rest of them. At the park the group plays truth or dare, but they always choose dare because, as Kaja says: “Nobody cares about the truth anyway.”

Cilla Jackert debuted as a children’s books author in 2013 with Today’s Catastrophes and was awarded Best Debut Author of 2013. Now she is back with her second children’s book, and it lacks in neither excitement, nor catastrophes!