Sov gott!

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60 pp

Sov gott! Sömnsagor och tips för en god natt

Sleep Tight! Sweet Dream Stories and Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

This highly anticipated sequel to Sömnsagor (Sweet Dream Stories) features five new stories, and some excellent tips on how to achieve a calm and relaxing bedtime routine. The book is ideal for children who have trouble falling asleep at night. The stories have been inspired by CBT and mindfulness to help children unwind, stem anxious thoughts and fall asleep calmly.

Psychologist and sleep expert Kubicek Boye provides answers to common questions like: What is “normal” when it comes to sleep? How do you help children cope with nightmares and a fear of the dark? What can you do to keep calm during stressful and prolonged bedtimes? The book also includes a host of tips on how to relax.