Nåt trassligt inuti

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206 pp


150×200 mm


Text books (9–12 years)

Nåt trassligt inuti

Something Broken Deep Inside

Cina Friedner

Isa’s dad is in hospital. Not the regular kind of place where you get broken bones put in plaster or your appendix taken out – it was another kind of hospital. A place where you’re not allowed shoelaces, and all the doors and windows are locked. At about the same time, something amazing happens – she is the one in her class who gets drawn to be Lucia, even though it probably should have been Aisha. After all, she’s the coolest girl in Year 5. But now it’s Isa who’s going to be standing right at the front reading a poem and getting candle wax in her hair. Will Dad be able to come and watch? Will he be well enough?

This is a spirited portrayal of life in middle school that also tells a story of what life is like when you have a parent who is seriously ill in a way that you can’t really speak about. Fear and despair are blended with humour, daily life and hope – this book is sure to grip all readers.