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90 pp

Svante - festen kan börja

Svante 4: Svante’s Birthday

Svante’s birthday is coming up and of course he’s expecting a really big celebration, one befitting the cleverest and most handsome horse in the stable. On the morning of his birthday, he wakes up and everyone seems to have forgotten that it’s his big day! No one cares about him and he’s distraught. Of course Greta and everyone else in the stable haven’t forgotten at all. They’re planning a big birthday party for him that evening!

This is the fourth book in the series about a pony called Svante. Pia Hagmar met the real Svante in a field many years ago and she was immediately inspired by his wonderful character. The Svante series is ideal for early readers.

Pia Hagmar has written more than 55 books for B. Wahlströms and is one of our best loved and read authors, not least for her series about Klara. Pia always has a new book out for readers of all ages. Svante’s Birthday is the fourth part in a new series from beloved children’s books author Pia Hagmar.