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Tio vilda hästar - en räknesaga

Ten Wild Horses – A Counting Tale

One by one, the wild horses disappear, until only one is left.

The lone horse is bored, races back, and, horse by horse, retrieves his friends, until all ten horses are gathered again. Wonderfully charming pictures that make you happy, and fun rhymed verses.

Just listen to this:

Ten wild horses
in an oak tree hung around,
one got left among the branches
when the rest played on the ground.

And with every verse the flock gets reduced by one horse until only one is left:

The lone wild horse
was not happy at all,
he felt sadness in his throat
like a thorny soccer ball.

But the story is not over yet – quite the opposite – it starts over again. Being alone is no fun. The lone horse misses his friends terribly. And with furious speed he races back the way he came, and one wild horse after the other is saved by the rest, until the ten wild friends are gathered again.

Nine wild horses
went along with their friends,
and this is how it all began,
love that never ends.

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