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160 pp


Text books (9–12 years)

Tack för allt

Thanks for Everything

Christina Wahldén

Hawa dreams of becoming a policewoman when she grows up. In the meantime, she has started her very own detective agency. One day, she witnesses a shooting at her local pizza place. And just a couple of days later she comes across a stash of drugs. What’s going on? Can Nettan, a former criminal, help Hawa and her friends? Maybe Dembe the football coach can do something? Hawa’s mum is fed up of all the crime, and starts walking the streets at night with the other mums. They desperately want the area to be safe again. When Hawa anonymously receives a beautiful bunch of flowers, she knows someone is trying to tell her something. But it’s not what she thinks at first.

Thanks for Everything is an independent sequel to Christina Wahldén’s highly acclaimed book, The Falafel Girls.

“This is a brilliant portrayal of Sweden in 2018.”
Go’Kväll, Sveriges Television about The Falafel Girls

“You just want to stay with this character, so you know what happens to her.”
Kulturnytt, P4, Sveriges Radio about The Falafel Girls