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112 pp


The Clan

It all begins when Lova’s bonus dad buys a series of antique printsof hyenas at an auction. The gory pictures – one of them showinga “Nordic hyena” – immediately fascinate Lova and lead the way toa mystery that will change her life forever. She discovers a hiddenworld that exists parallel to the ordinary one and starts realizing thatshe is different from others. Meanwhile, strange things are happeningat the local graveyard at night. Together with her new friend Joseph,Lova starts following the leads. What is going on at the graveyard?Why does Lova’s mom try to stop her from seeing aunt Lilith? Is Lilithcrazy, as mom says, or does she carry a secret that can make Lovaunderstand why she feels so different? Lova finds out that the hyenas,the graveyard mystery and Lilith all have more to do with herself thanshe ever could have believed. And maybe this also means that hernew friend is in danger.

In this graphic novel a supernatural theme is mixed with humourand ordinary teenage life in an effortless, slightly absurd way. Youcould describe the book as a Nordic Twilight theme meeting thefreshness of the comic format. The compelling pictures leave just theright amount of interpretation to the reader and tell important parts ofthe story without words.