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32 pp


The Cut

Emma AdBåge is a master at capturing life in a schoolyard: the games, the friendships, the group dynamics. The Cut is about being in the center of things, about being  in the center of things, about being visible and suddenly being the one that everybody wants to talk to. It’s exciting and wonderful to get all that attention, but what happens after that, when the cut heals? Who cares about a little scar?

Emma AdBåge is one of our most beloved picture book creators and she has received many awards. In 2018 she won the August Prize for her popular picture book The Pit.

“To fall and hurt yourself is a great deal for a child. And to also get a cut is pure catastrophe! But maybe also a little…cushy? Especially if you get carried around in a royal chair and gain exclusive access to the teachers’ lounge. Emma AdBåge captures our universal longing for attention and nurture with psychological acuity and exquisite imagery.”

Emma AdBåge is Shortlisted for the August Prize 2022 with her book The Cut.