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The Food Book

You can eat almost anything; roasted ants, snake and pigs’ ears. There is good food and there is disgusting food. Healthy and unhealthy. Greens and reds. There are animals that don’t eat anything their entire lives. And others that eat all the time. There are even those who eat their friends.

What is food, really? Where does it go when we have finished chewing and it disappears down our throats?

Pernilla Stalfelt has written a fun, liberating and entertaining book about food and about what happens when we eat. The usual recipes and measurements will not be found in here and there will be no tips on how to eat healthy. This is something entirely different! A food adventure beyond the ordinary, among meat eating plants, junk food and living pancakes.

Pernilla Stalfelt is one of Sweden’s most daring and interesting author of children’s books. Since her debut in 1996 she has, with her ability to handle difficult subjects in an intelligible and joyful manner, created picture books for all ages. Her work has received much attention and has delighted the public as well as the media. Her books have now been translated into 15 languages.