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60 pp

Framtidsboken – Robotar, virtuella världar och insekter till middag

The Future Book – Robots, virtual worlds and insects for dinner

Just imagine having new robot arms to make you super strong! Or having a lens operated into your eye so that you could see through walls and around corners! That may sound unbelievable, but it’s highly likely that we’ll be making use of technology in our bodies in the not too distant future. 

What will the world be like in fifty years’ time? How much of that can we predict today? We can’t know for sure of course, but there’s some incredibly exciting research going on in several areas that can give us a good idea about what lies ahead. It seems certain that we will travel differently in the future, that we’ll eat other things, and that we’ll be playing and communicating in ways that we can hardly imagine!

The Future Book attempts to guess what life might be like fifty years from now and beyond. Dive in and join us as we travel into the future to explore bionic body parts, edible insects and the possibility of real-life unicorns!