Flickan utan ansikte

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71 pp

Flickan utan ansikte

The Girl Without a Face

”But what does she look like, that girl?” Fanny asked.

Ines tilted her head and stared at the door, at about the same height as the door handle.

“I don’t know,” she said at last. “She…she doesn’t have a face.”

Signe and Fanny are babysitting Fanny’s cousin Ines. She’s really cute with big eyes, long hair and an imaginary friend who wears black shoes. As evening falls, strange things start happening in the old house, and Fanny and Signe can’t help but wonder. Is she really just a figment of her imagination? The girl with the black shoes. The girl who never sleeps. The girl without a face…

This mini-thriller by Ingelin Angerborn provides first rate excitement with fabulous illustrations by Elin ”Eplet” Sandström.