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En myras liv

An Ant’s Life

Ant Andersson is six years old. He’s usually a pretty happy guy. But life can be difficult, like when Mom and Dad speak in English in angry voices, and when you’re told you’ll never get to have your own cat, even though that’s what you want more than anything.

During recess Ant and Henny work on their very own snail world behind the gym. Arvid has been spying on them and Felicia walked by three times. The third time, she might have asked:

– Can I play too?
If she did, Ant didn’t hear her. If you can’t hear it when somebody asks, then you’re not mean. But if you do hear it and say no, then you are. Mean, that is.
Ant’s real name is Anthony Andersson, but the only people who call him that are his dentist and people he doesn’t know.

Everybody else calls him Ant. Even his teacher. Ant is six years old. He’s in preschool. Some of the other kids in
his class are: Melker, who thinks everything is disgusting, Eva, who only likes white foods and, of course, Ant’s best friend Henny. Ant is usually pretty happy but it’s frustrating when Henny plays with Felicia, who’s also in their class. Then it’s lucky that Diego moved into the apartment above Ant’s. He’s seven and he says that Ant can have a cat even though his mom has allergies. Ant has allergies too, but to arguments, not cats. Especially when Mom and Dad argue in English so Ant won’t understand that they might be getting a divorce.

Charming story about minor and major events in the life of a six-year-old. Emma Adbåge’s illustrations are in perfect sync with Linn Gottfridsson’s funny but also serious story about Ant and his family.