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32 pp


The Pine Tree

A family discovers the property of their dreams. But a dilapi­dated cottage is in the way and has to be demolished and some old pine trees have to be cut down. From these very pine trees the family will build a new house, a home. But there is something strange with the trees; they resist. The sap runs, the boards creak. It is as if the trees are alive, flesh and blood …

Strange things start happening. One morning there are pine needles all over the house, and aren’t they all starting to feel a little strange?

Not a book for those who are easily scared. Horror for all ages. A creepy, suggestive and beautiful book about nature and our role in it. 

The Pine tree was shortlisted with the following words from the August Jury: “What is nature and what is human? With her bold story The Pine Tree, Lisen Adbåge pushes the boundaries of what a picture book can be. Through breathtaking horror effects and a lack of moral, the Brothers Grimm meet Silent Spring in a sharp reply to the climate crisis and the social climate. When a family builds their dream home in the country, they brutally cut down all the trees, but nature strikes back. Uncompromisingly told in disturbing sulfur yellow and brown, the book is solid and suggestive in a cocky, scary way.”

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on November 22.